Reference Manager Software
What it is?
A program that is used for writing the in-text citation and the reference list.
The reference program saves your time while you are writing your papers by organizing your citations and detecting the changes to be added in the reference list. It support different formatting styles including APA, Chicago, and MLA.
The most widely used software:
• EndNote:
• Mendeley:
• RefWorks:
• Zotero:
• EasyBib:

Comparison Chart

• Collect citation information (Import) from article databases, catalogs and websites
• Generate bibliographies and in-text citations
• Store and organize PDFs, documents, links, and notes (Store PDFs in personal citation database)
• Collaborate and share with others using groups
• Backup and access with an online copy
• Detect duplicate articles
• Access the original citations from the database
• Use several citation styles
• Add notes to references
Cost: free
Storage: unlimited on desktop (restricted by local storage capacity); 300 MB free web storage

Install the program on your computer by selecting either firefox or windows. Then, run the program in your computer.

Download the extension that matches your browser (Chrome, safari, or firefox)
Click on add to chrome if you use chrome browser

Go to the main website and register

Open Zotero database, click tools, sync, and enter your username and password

Click again tools, cite, and then install Microsoft word add-in

To export a citation from the database, select the article and click export. Then select Zotero, then save.
Open the file that is downloaded. You can either import the article to a new file or you can import it to the original Zotero database. Now, you can find the article in your Zotero database.

Before using any citation, make sure that Zotero database is open. For using one of the citation, click on add-in from the word document and zotero insert citation.

Select the citation style, then write the name of the author or the name of the article. You can select one or more than one citations at one time by enter a space between each name. Then, click enter.

For wrting the reference list, click on ADD-INS, then Zotero insert bibliography. All program will make a reference list for all the authors used as the citation.