Subject: Letter of Support for Nawaf Bilasi
Dear Sir/Madam:
I am the PhD adviser for Nawaf Bilasi and writing to provide supporting information for Nawaf’s
fly and bottom ash sampling request in Saudi Arabia. Currently, Nawaf’s PhD research involves
characterizing fly and bottom ash generated from Saudi Arabian power plants.
There have been several studies analyzing the feasibility of land applying fly and bottom ash
generated from the combustion of coal. The studies successfully demonstrated the feasibility of
using fly and bottom ash in several civil engineering applications. For example, fly ash is
successfully used as a replacement of cement in Portland cement concrete in many parts of the
world. Part of Nawaf’s PhD research is to investigate the feasibility of utilizing fly and bottom ash
generated from power plants who use crude oil as the main source of energy production. Ash
generated from crude oil activities needs civil and environmental analysis in order to assess our
hypothesis. The outcome of this research will benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia economically
and environmentally.
Due to the nature of this research, he will need to travel to Saudi Arabia in order to collect samples
from the power generation facilities and to fulfil his PhD research requirements. We ask your
permission and logistic assistance to help him to collect the ash samples. Thank you for your time
and consideration.